More pimping

So, I’ll point out again that I belong to a writing group called the Inkbots, what’d once been called the Anxious Appliances. And some of the group have some neat projects just getting published.

There’s Wesley Chu with his debut SF novel, Lives of Tao, which is getting a lot of good buzz. And, yes, he really is that funny.

Then there’s Michael F Stewart, who’s self-publishing a YA novel called Assured Destruction. It’s heavily into exploring social networking and the concept of online identity. It too, is getting alot of positive buzz.

As for me? Still plugging away. Not getting anywhere, but still plugging away.


Recommended short stories

I’ll admit it: I’m neglectful of the short-story format in terms of both reading and writing. I far prefer big, complicated, multi-threaded stories, so short stories aren’t something that suit me all that well.

That being said, some of the folks in my writing group aren’t neglectful, like John Dixon, in this recent post and in an older post.

If you’re looking for some good reading, I’d check him out.

Edited to add: more interesting reading can be found at Laura Lam’s website, where Rob Haines does a guest post describing 18th Century clockwork, which was probably more advanced than you think.