Yeah, it’s been a while. No, McFuzzball didn’t send me head first down the stairs. Nor did she turn me into a midnight snack amongst other gruesome strategies.

I’ve just been very busy with a WIP that’s now in the hands of many, many betas (yay for betas! I love you all!).

But, I’m here to do some pimping. Two writers in my writing group (the Inkbots–I’d link to our page, but it’s not quite ready for primetime yet) have new books coming out. I’ve been fortunate to have been a beta for both, so I’ve known they’re very good before either of them hit the presses.

First, there’s Laura Lam, with her debut Pantomime, published by Strange Chemistry. While it’s YA fantasy, it tackles a very sensitive topic I really haven’t seen explored elsewhere and does it with grace. Plus with a neat plot twist. I won’t say more, just expect to be challenged.

Then there’s Lee Collins with his second book She Returns From War (his first was the Dead of Winter), both  of them published by Angry Robot. A blend of fantasy with western, it’s not often I can say a sequel is better than the first  book, but this is definitely the case.


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