Grief and incomprehension

I was having a very good day today at work. I figured it was going to get better this evening (the original plan was to post something cute and funny) and then it’d continue into tomorrow when I went to visit some friends for Festivus.

But there’s nothing fun nor funny about today now.

There’s only grief and incomprehension.

Incomprehension of why.

It’s a big question. It’s complex and can’t be comprehensively captured in a sound bite, though no doubt many will try. The hard part for me is to avoid speculating, because, in the absence of facts, all we can do is take guesses, which don’t really help anybody. In the meantime, that’s all the media is going to do over the next 24 hours, fill its airwaves with wild speculation as the facts slowly roll in over the next few days to weeks.

I like facts, but I doubt I’ll find these ones comforting. They certainly won’t be comforting to the families of the victims.

What a shitty day, and be sure to hug your loved ones. I know I will.


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