After spending all Saturday morning hammering away at my keyboard while world-building for my current WIP, I needed a break. But, with Mrs. Kalar out of the house and McFuzzball starting her winter hibernation, I found myself directionless.

That is, until I thought about so many of the fish that got away this summer. McFuzzball needs her caviar and she likes it fresh.

This summer was a great one on the lake, with some big days with some decent sized (and tasty) fish. But I lost a bunch of lures at the end of the season after my father-in-law and I moved into deeper areas only to discover that’s where the big fish were hiding. And I hate losing lures. The fish getting away doesn’t bother me so much, but it’s mostly that it’s bad for the fish and the lake. A fish that gets away with a lure could get an infection and die. It’s not very responsible.

So, my father-in-law and I decided we needed lures attached to a stronger line for when we’re trolling in deeper waters. But everything that had the spinner, bead, floater, and hook setup we wanted were on 12-pound lines, and that wasn’t strong enough. The stronger lines that were available didn’t have anything close to the setup we were looking for. And I was doing my shopping at Bass Pro Shop, which has a lure section as big as a grocery store.

Thus, I decided to make my own. I like basic stuff (it’s never done me wrong), so I went with a simple spinner, bead, floater, and single hook on a 17-pound line, dominated by the color yellow (red washes  out after about 10 feet depth, leaving yellow as the most visible “bright” color to attract fish). As a bonus, I suffered minimal blood loss despite a couple of close calls while working with the hooks.

My afternoon is summed up below (a pair of each for a total of six lures). My father-in-law is getting one of the sets for Christmas. Some kids do macaroni art. I make stuff to help catch and kill tasty things. Maybe McFuzzball and I aren’t so different.

Perch magnets

And, importantly, I had some help from my lovely assistant:


Now I have to wait until May to put mine to use. In the meantime, I’ll spend more time with my assistant.


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